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Are you ready for the new water market?

Are you ready for the new water market?

What's happening? Later this year, in April, the English water market will be deregulated and fully opened up to competition. It’s at >>

Think you have a leak?

Water is delivered to homes and businesses in the UK through thousands of miles of underground pipes, but sometimes these pipes leak and water is lost.  From the 341,674km of >>

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Our team welcomes Three Sixty

In August, a month before Three Sixty was launched into the water market, the new company was launched internally. The internal >>

Three Sixty Launched to Refresh The Water Market – Three Sixty

This week the non-household water market sees the introduction of a new player, Three Sixty. Born out of Yorkshire Water, >>

How can we make water work for you?

If you are interested in finding out how we can make water work for you or would like more information on our products and services please get in touch.

If you’re interested in switching to Three Sixty and would like more information please contact us and we will be in touch.